Why choose Pyramid Energy Transfer Technology (PETT)?

2022-01-24 09:48:56

  北京派诺蒙能源科技有限公司  成立于1996年,长期致力于导热胶泥产品的研发、生产、市场推广及销售。是目前国内技术力量最雄厚、设备最完善的导热胶泥生产企业。

  Established in 1996, Beijing PROM Energy Technology has long-term committed  to develop, produce and market the best heat transfer mastic or cement for  industrial customers.

Why choose Pyramid Energy Transfer Technology


  In order to develop more high standard heat transfer cements, HTT continue  to invest in R&D, train and recruit technology talents. Furthermore, HTT  co-operates with Beijing University of Chemical Technology and East China  University of Science and Technology with a main focus on innovation  specifically in the areas of antisepsis, thermal conductivity and waterproofing  which diversely satisfies customers’ demands.


  For 10 years’ development, HTT becomes the industry leader in China and  it’s patent based series heat transfer cement accepted by the customers in  Chemical, Utility, Mining, Pharmacuetical, Ports and Textile industry. Due to  the outstanding performance of our products and exceptional services, HTT is  highly respected throughout the country by state owned enterprise, new emerging  company and international corporations.

  To pursue well performing thermal exchange system, you need the design and  specification of the most suitable material to enhance performance. HTT is ready  to assist you for the best system.