HTT Heat Transfer Compound

2022-01-19 10:50:58

What is Heat Transfer Compound?

  Heat Transfer Compound is a kind of thermal conductive material designed to  improve thermal exchange in heat tracing, heat transfer and other thermal  exchange applications. By building low thermal resistant connection between  tracer and the process equipment, heat transfer compound can efficiently  transfer heat in the most cost effective way. Today heat transfer compound is  widely used in many industries.

HTT Heat Transfer Compound

  Why heat transfer compound

  1. Improves thermal exchange efficiency

  With its high conductivity, heat transfer compound expand heat exchange  surface, bond the heat tracer to the pipes or equipments and eliminates the air  voids in between. So, heat can be transferred directly to the process equipment  at a rate of up to 10 times that of air heat transfer rates. Utilizing heat  transfer compound can easily maximize heat transfer performance and energy  efficiency.

  2. Makes thermal exchange more even.

  Given the high level of thermal conductivity, the heat transfer compound  can evenly bring heat to the bonding surface, thus, can eliminate the risk of  partially overheating and reduce the temperature difference within the pipe or  process equipment in high temperature tracing application.

3. Simplify the heat exchange process and reduces overall cost.

  In fact, one tracer installed with heat transfer compound will deliver the  equivalent heat of at least three bare tracers. It will significantly reduce the  overall cost of a tracer system. Especially, for a system that requires elevated  temperature ( ³150℃)